Dr. Astrid Genet


  • Energetisches Nutzungspotential von Schwachholz

Titel der Dissertation

  • "Quantification of fuelwood potentials from French beech forests: updated allometric modelling tools and robustness to differences in soil fertility"


  • Genet, A., Wernsdörfer, H., Jonard, M., Pretsch, H., Rauch, M., Ponette, Q., Nys, C., Legout, A., Ranger, J., Vallet, P., Saint-André, L., Submitted. Ontogeny partly explains the apparent herterogeneity of published biomass equations for Fagus sylvatica in central Europe. Forest Ecology and Management.
  • Genet, A., Jonard, M., Wernsdörfer, H., Gelhaye, L., Ranger, J., Longuetaud, F., Bonne, F., Motz, A., Turpault, M.-P., Conil, S., Saint-André, L., Submitted. Aboveground biomass partitioning and nutrient content in European beech trees along a fertility gradient in the North-East of France. Annals of Forest Science.